August 31st, 2006


Utter Feckers on Triumph Road

Left the office yesterday evening to find my passenger-side car window smashed in. Nothing stolen. Had I left a bag, mobile or wallet in plain view – fair game. But no.

Autoglassed it last night. Rather pleasant experience given the circumstances. Had to pay the £60 excess but insurance coughed up the rest. Glass claims don’t count, so will be keeping my as-yet non-existent bonus.

I shall dispense one piece of recycled but sagely advice, now: don’t leave the satnav holder attached to the windscreen, because they’ll think you’re keeping the goods in the glove compartment. Don’t even leave a mark as suction cups tend to do: they’ll take a torch to it at night, and circles show up quite easily. Wipe it clean. Rinse.

Mumless cunts.

That is all.