July 11th, 2009


Liyang and the Fairy, though a Bunny was Involved Too

one day liyang was walking in the woods and he met ana, ana was a magical fairy and liyang was very jeleous as he too wished to be a fairy

so he asked anna "how did you become a fairy?"

and she said "well one day I was walking in the woods when I was attacked by a magical toad stool which made me invisiable"

"oh "said liyang that does really answer the question thought does it"

"no " said ana "but if you weren't so implusive I would of finished my story "

"but couldn't you have got to how you got to be a fairy a bit quicker" said liyany

at this point ana got pissed off and walked off

this is how liyang never got to be a fairy

So as liyang watched the retreating ana he sighed "oh how I wished I could join the magical kingdom and stop being a computer programmer /mathmatician" suddenly a huge explusion

liyang looked over his shoulder to see the easter bunny pop into exsistance on a local dandlion

the bunny hopped over to liyang and motioned to him to come closer, as he bent over the bunny grabbed his nose and suddenly liang was dragged into the mystical world of the fragile monkey

and he got to his feet and looked around him he noticed that the bunny had hopped away

Liyang mused to himself " well I am not a fairy and I've been dragged to this unknown relm with no idea to what to do or how to get home"

"but who gives a shit I'm in a nice new world,ready to explore so fuck earth and lets go kill all humans " the end