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Crapita Strikes

I habitually bin letters from TV Licensing on arrival. This afternoon I was visited by the TV Licensing man. I don't watch TV; I don't even have a TV, a fact which I informed him of. Naturally, he wanted to have a look around.

Being in a not very compliant mood today (and vaguely aware of the kind of people TV Licensing loves to target), I informed him he has no legal powers and I was not obliged to let him into the house.

Discussion continued for a few minutes. (I had to correct him on the fact that TV Licensing actually operates under contract from the BBC.) I eventually invited him to return with a search warrant, knowing the usual conditions for obtaining one requires evidence from a TV detector.

After spending a minute accusing me of wasting police time – I imagine the argument is that he will have to pop in to the police station to obtain said warrant – he gave up before remarking: “Enjoy your stay in the UK.”

Right… now that's interesting. Upon informing him that I was in fact a subject of Her Majesty (not that that's of relevance), I questioned the intent and meaning of his comment. He refused an answer and left.

What would Brian Boitano do? Call TV Licensing on 0800 3282020 and file a complaint on grounds of racism of course. Owned.

I'll see if I get a reply of some sort.

(Were I sufficiently bored, I'd follow this up with a letter and demand a formal written apology. Do I bother? … Tempting isn't it.)

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