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Skater Boy

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11th May 2007 | 15:23
mood: bouncy bouncy
music: I don't have any Avril Lavigne

Bought a skateboard a few weeks ago. Not exactly Tony Hawk yet, but I can at least go a few hundred meters, turn and stuff, without falling off.

Was stopped twice this week with my board at the school gates and got asked for ID. Am I too old for this? :-/

Tarmac isn't great for skateboarding. Flat concrete is better. But marbled/tiled floors are teh best. Sadly this makes the school administrative building the ideal training location… much hilarity will eventually ensue, I'm sure.

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From: diet_coke_teddy
Date: 11th May 2007 08:02 (UTC)

Oh - a Liyang sighting - glad you're still alive and enjoying yourself :)

Drop your scottish teddy and others a line sometime o/

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