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What I did Today. So far.

1. Woke up. 09:30-ish. (I know because Chris Moyles was still on.)
2. Moved a bookshelf shelf one shelf lower.
3. Reheated last night's dinner (Chilli Hancock-style) as brunch.
4. Made cappuccino. (I need to order more beans.)
5. Walked to the other end of Beeston: passed previous residents' mail to the estate agents.
6. At the post office: set up mail forwarding. Got a D1 form for lost photocard / change of address.
6.5. Informed Broxtowe Council I am no longer resident at the old place but am in fact resident at the new place. Was delighted to find out that I didn't need another letter from the University telling them I'm a student: they can just ‘transfer’ the old one over.
7. Rode my bike from the old place back to the new place; lock in garden shed.
8. Drove back to the old place, and picked up a table / coffee table the estate agent wanted rid of.
9. Dumped table at dump. Drove back to old place again.
10. Picked up rickety two-seater chair for the dump.
11. Drove past the letting agents, handed all keys back but one. Jonathan's cool. I'm holding on to one key while the mail forwarding sorts itself out.
12. Dump chair; go home.
13. Decided that the John Lewis curtains I bought on Saturday which were the wrong size for downstairs (but right for upstairs; blame mum) suited upstairs after all. Keeping that and not bothering with exchange/refund.
14. Drove into town, sorted out proof-of-id for the Co-op ISA and Saver accounts I've been trying to open.
15. Went to Muji, catalogue in hand (with bits I wanted circled.) Bought shit. Tried save a paper bag but failed. (Cast iron frying pan.) Left.
16. Found John Lewis was already closed.
17. Backtracked towards Waterstone's. Checked the Computing section for Computer Organization (with a z) and Design because I've been telling my students that Waterstone's had it. They didn't. They can't pre-order some in in anticipation either. The students will have to go in and order it. Or they just buy it online. They lose a sale. Oh well, I tried.
18. Browsed the photography section for a book titled The 35mm Handbook by a Michael Freeman, published 1980. It was out of print. But he seems to have a new one called The Digital Handbook. Not quite as informative.
19. Faff about in Waterstone's until 18:30 to avoid the traffic. Come back to the office so I can get intarwebs.
20. Order coffee from HasBean.
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