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Check List

5th February 2007 | 13:10
mood: bouncy bouncy

And so it seems that I've signed up to lecture Computer Systems Architecture to the 2+2 Computer Science second years at Nottingham, Ningbo for a semester. So my life's on hold here in Blighty for the next five months, due to resume early July.

The initial itinerary includes stop-offs in Hong Kong, Guilin, Chongqing, Yichang and finally Ningbo, on the 26th of February. Flying from Heathrow on the 5th… (Tonight!)

Coffee paraphernaliaPurchased
Luggage forwardingSent
Flight ticketsReceived
Work deskCleared
Lecture slides… not prepared … :-/

I miss you all already. ;_; Do come visit if you're passing by that part of the world!

In any case, adventure waits for no-one. Go go go go go!

CV Sandwich

9th November 2006 | 22:38
mood: drained drained

This is a CV Sandwich: it is made of Lies and Half-Truths

Wasted far too long on this. I'm not doing any real work. ;_;

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This tutoring business

14th October 2006 | 02:55
mood: exhausted exhausted

So yesterday (Thursday), I spent two hour-long sessions (and another two hours of labs) tutoring the poor wee first year undergrads on MIPS32 assembly programming as part of the Computer Systems Architecture course here at Nottingham. Perhaps a not immediately-obvious rôle for an otherwise functional PL hacker, but I have served time (and fun times they were) in industry writing assembly code for my misdemeanours, so maybe that counts for something. It's always good for the soul to know what's going on underneath the bonnet.

This being my first time, things went amazingly smoothly. (Will have to find more working flip chart markers next time.) The range of the students' abilities was a little wider than I'd anticipated though. (To the extent where I'm wondering about basic computer literacy skills at one end… do they point out the distinction between document processors and text editors at school these days? The other extreme of the spectrum was rather refreshing though: seems that some students have already learnt to learn by reading up on reference material for themselves, as opposed to being spoon-fed.) The course is compulsory even for IT management degrees. Why? I don't quite understand either.

Will have to see if we (not in the royal sense; for I am not the sole conspirator, at least not this time 'round) can prop the bottom end up a little higher…

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Utter Feckers on Triumph Road

31st August 2006 | 13:33
mood: calm calm

Left the office yesterday evening to find my passenger-side car window smashed in. Nothing stolen. Had I left a bag, mobile or wallet in plain view – fair game. But no.

Autoglassed it last night. Rather pleasant experience given the circumstances. Had to pay the £60 excess but insurance coughed up the rest. Glass claims don’t count, so will be keeping my as-yet non-existent bonus.

I shall dispense one piece of recycled but sagely advice, now: don’t leave the satnav holder attached to the windscreen, because they’ll think you’re keeping the goods in the glove compartment. Don’t even leave a mark as suction cups tend to do: they’ll take a torch to it at night, and circles show up quite easily. Wipe it clean. Rinse.

Mumless cunts.

That is all.

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Not So Easy Now

21st August 2006 | 20:07
mood: ditzy ditzy

It’s quite surprising when one considers how much skill and co-ordination is required to perform tasks that – at times – feel like second nature. Why, only two days ago I was uneventfully cycling hands-free at high speeds on ragged cross-country tracks barely half a metre wide.

Today I attempted to attach a keychain to my belt hoop – cruising leisurely – holding one handle. Quite spectacularly launched myself from the accepted seating position onto the asphalt below.

All I had to drink was a glass of Coke…

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Crapita Strikes

8th August 2006 | 23:33
mood: irate irate
music: Orbital / Middle of Nowhere / Nothing Left [Part 2]

I habitually bin letters from TV Licensing on arrival. This afternoon I was visited by the TV Licensing man. I don't watch TV; I don't even have a TV, a fact which I informed him of. Naturally, he wanted to have a look around.

Being in a not very compliant mood today (and vaguely aware of the kind of people TV Licensing loves to target), I informed him he has no legal powers and I was not obliged to let him into the house.

Discussion continued for a few minutes. (I had to correct him on the fact that TV Licensing actually operates under contract from the BBC.) I eventually invited him to return with a search warrant, knowing the usual conditions for obtaining one requires evidence from a TV detector.

After spending a minute accusing me of wasting police time – I imagine the argument is that he will have to pop in to the police station to obtain said warrant – he gave up before remarking: “Enjoy your stay in the UK.”

Right… now that's interesting. Upon informing him that I was in fact a subject of Her Majesty (not that that's of relevance), I questioned the intent and meaning of his comment. He refused an answer and left.

What would Brian Boitano do? Call TV Licensing on 0800 3282020 and file a complaint on grounds of racism of course. Owned.

I'll see if I get a reply of some sort.

(Were I sufficiently bored, I'd follow this up with a letter and demand a formal written apology. Do I bother? … Tempting isn't it.)

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Adventures in Caffeine, Part Uno

26th July 2006 | 13:57
mood: bouncy bouncy
music: Powerpuff Girls / Heroes and Villains / Walk & Chew Gum [Optiganally Yours]

My Krups Vivo 880 espresso maker finally arrived.

The packet of ground coffee sitting in the fridge had been open for at least four weeks. Wasn't terribly good. No crema at all, shockingly. :(

Also: started and finished reading volume 1 of Strangers in Paradise. I'm now worried about my bank balance.

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Belgium. Meme.

6th July 2006 | 01:09
mood: tired tired
music: Orbital / Middle of Nowhere / Nothing Left [Part 2]

Just back from a week in Bruxelles with the London gang. Thoroughly roasted. Brain melting.

Anyway, all the cool kids on my friends list are doing this one:
memememeCollapse )
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What am I anyway?

30th May 2006 | 01:53
mood: geeky geeky
music: Pet Shop Boys / Alternative / Too Many People

Found this while sorting through my photos. I think I made it while I was supposedly packing up to move out of my last flat. That is all.

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Banks and banks of humming machinery

30th May 2006 | 01:20
mood: bouncy bouncy
music: AFX / Chosen Lords / Klopjob

I've never seen so many knobs!

cee dees

I received these last Friday. Only had a proper chance to listen to them now. ::melts::

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